Bangalore pm meeting 22nd June 2013 went well

As described in the last post, Bangalore Perl Mongers planned for a meetup on 22nd June. It was attended by around 19 perl mongers (more than expected).


  • Welcome speech:
    The event started with a welcome speech. Everyone described how they started with Perl and discussed about YAPC::INDIA
  • Lightning talks:
    There were two lightning talks:
    • Perl Internals given by Mr. Saravanan Thiyagarajan
    • Interesting Perl modules by visu
  • Followed by the lightning talks, there was a demo of mojocast presented by Mr. Suraj
  • Snacks session
  • Presentation on fun with one liners by Mr. Venkatakrishnan Ganesh
  • Demo by Mr. Kiran
  • Conclusion speech

Things to Improve:

  • Better AV Streaming and better hangout session. This needs volunteers, so if you're interested, please feel free to discuss about this on the mailing list (
  • There should be few more lightning talks and demos
  • There should be a job fair.
  • We can have T-Shirts for Please free to discuss about the design of T-Shirt on the mailing list.
  • We need more volunteers. We are planning to book an auditorium for next meetup.
  • We need IT people to guide guests wi-fi connectivity & charging spots
  • Inviting all other pm groups
  • Training sessions targeting different audience , reach outs to Engineering colleges and FOSS groups.
  • Showcasing Perl startups

Attended by:

1. Saravanan Thiyagarajan (Saran)
2. Vasundhar Boddapati
3. Venkatakrishnan Ganesh
4. Suraj
5. Visu
6. Kiran
7. Vasanth
8. Jagadeesh Malakannavar
and some more Perl Mongers.

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