Bangalore pm Meeting 13th July 2011

The first meetup of Bangalore Perl Mongers on 13th July 2011. The meeting happened at 7:30 PM at Legends of Rock, Koramangla.

The meetup was celebrated with laughs, Acme::* , beer and stimulating discussions about the cool stuff everyone has been doing with Perl. It was great to meet you both(Ravish and Venkat)!! This was fun. For eveyone who missed out on this meet, we will do another meetup 6th of August. Make sure you mark your calendars!!



Yesterday we kicked off our Bangalore Mongers meetings. It was really good to see people and discuss things and promote the technology that we all are passionate about.

13th July Attendess : Shantanu, Ravish and Venkat.

Thanks guys for making this and hope, we will continue in future with more turnaround.

Shantanu/Vnekat, Thanks again and please add if I miss something.


Hey Everybody,

We had our first Bangalore Perl Mongers meetup. It was quite awesome to meet up with Shantanu and Ravish and in general discuss the the type of work they've been doing with Perl. They, needless to say have been doing some very very interesting stuff with perl and both brilliant programmers. I can't help but think there are more people out there who are really ripping it off with perl. We NEED you to help build this community in Bangalore.

There's no doubt that we probably have one of the weakest community at the moment, but, i'm sure it won't be long.

We agreed that our goal should be to bring YAPC to Bangalore, Its high time. Ruby community has bought RubyConf to India multiple times.

Bangalore Perl Mongers will meetup at least once every month. The next meet up is proposed on August 6th, its open to change. Also our primary goal is to increase participation by at least one more member every month. That's a reasonable goal.

Also, i'm on on all the time. Join in when you feel like.

Cheers and Happy Hacking, Venkat

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