Becoming a Author

Any perler can become a site author at Becoming a Site Author on is quiet simple. You must meet one of the following prerequisites before you apply :

  • Attend atleast one meetup. If you haven't met this prerequisite but still want to be a author, Look for upcoming meetups and apply once you have been there. If there are no upcoming meetups, its even beter, be the one to call for a meetup and make sure you attend as well.
  • Create writeups for attended meetup(s). Look for meeting logs of people who have attended previous meetups. Obviously, since you are not a author yet you might wonder how you may publish something??

    You must create a writeup for your first meeting and send it on mailing list requesting publishing rights and we will approve your request to become an author.

These requirements will almost always be applied before a authoring right is granted however if for some reason you are absolutely unable to satisfy some or all of the above conditions because of your current situation(s), location or other predicament, please send a email explaining it, and how you may still contribute to our group inspite of all that on the mailing list or to one of the admins and your case might be taken up for consideration.

Thats it once you satisfy the above requirements we will make you an author for the site. But do not stop there we do have a idle author removal policy so make sure that once you are author you keep posting to the site regularly for the meetups you have attended or random quips(Basically anything that suits your fancy.

**Please note that if you are registered as a author/editor you have a responsibility to help us keep this site up to date and accounts that remain inactive for more than six months will be removed.**

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