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We are the Bangalore Perl Mongers. To know about our previous meet-ups, visit our meet-ups page. We would usually post information about the next meet-up on the front page. You may also visit our channel at We used to have a old site based on Joomla. But due to popular demand to establish site on a perl based system and because of concern expressed by DNS admins at for us not being able to constantly update our code to newest version we have now moved to mojomojo. meet up occasionally at bars around Bangalore, mostly at Legends of Rock, Koramangla for mixed social meets marked by beer and fried food interrupted occasionally by discussions on Perl. Seek our meetups page below for the update on next meet-up. doesn't have open registrations at the moment owing to a general spam scare, and because we don't want anyone to just jump in and ruin our carefully written articles here. If you are one of the members involved regularly with and have been to at-least one of our meet-ups you are eligible to register as one of the authors and editors for our site. Send out a request for a account at the mailing list to shantanu aatt cpan dott org.

If you have a account you have a responsibility to help us keep this site up to date and accounts that remain inactive for more than two months will be removed.

List of to Dos ...

  1. Perl Downloads page.(Recommended by Suhas)
  2. Work on OpenID login as an option.(Recommended by Kiran)
  3. Setup IRC channel for by Kiran) -COMPLETED
  4. Calendar of events.Google Calendar? PHP Icalendar? other options?.(Recommended by Kiran)

Note : Please note that all these features take time, and we will do our best to put them in as fast as possible. That being said please be patient, rest assured we are working on it :)

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